About Me

I am a nurse by trade, researcher and scientist by education, and began my life with weimaraners in 2002. Since then I've shared my life with dozens of weimaraners (and token GSPs and pointers) as well as a few Livestock Guardian Dogs. I love field trials in every venue, but I've dabbled or titled dogs in most everything from obedience to conformation to tracking, NAVHDA (NA and UT), Hunt Tests, Rally, WCA Ratings, Agility, and more. I am a member of the WCA, NAVHDA International, the Tarheel Weimaraner Club, and am on the WCA Health Committee.

My PASSION is hunting over and breeding the best natural bird dogs possible.

I'm a STYLE junkie and love starting and developing puppies to their maximum potential.

I'm a TEAM player and I love having my puppy owners as part of that team. Without testing, feedback, and unbiased results and information we would not have the solid breeding program that we have!

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